Ivan Panteleev

Organizer and initiator of public art projects, festivals and programmes in Moscow. CEO & founder of NOVATEK ART, LLC - company started at 2011 that counts for 500+ pieces and murals created and numerous events carried out, among of them:

  • MOST Moscow Street Art Festival (2012, 2013)
  • MOST International Street Art Forum (2013) 
  • Moscow Energy graffiti festival (2011-2013)
  • LGZ Festival / Best City on the Earth Festival (2013)

Murals made with top Russian (Pasha183, Luca, ZukClub, Aber&Morik) and world (Escif, Score&Fence, Eduardo Cobra) artists.


Marina Levashova

Creative director of Street-art Forum MOST

Expert in the field of visual culture. Some of her relevant activities are urbanistics and branding. Art-curator of Moscow Urban Forum and a mentor for students and graduates of the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo”.


Alina Yashina

Executive director of Street-art Forum MOST

Executive director of «NOVATEK ART» company, which is engaged in artistic decoration of urban infrastructure objects, in graffiti and artistic advertising, and in organization of street art festivals. The organizer of Moscow Street-Art festival MOST.


Kirill Kto

Art-director of Street-art Forum MOST

A street artist, a member of famous graffiti teams “Zachem?” and “No Future Forever”. Recently, he switched to the social problems, through his work he fights with the ugliness of gray streets, with meaningless letterings and danger areas, with the atomization of our society and the lack of public spaces.


Yuri Marychev

General producer of Street-art Forum MOST

At various times, he was the Minister of Music, the manager of the super group, the founder of the conference in Sochi, a member of the friends club of The Botanic Garden "Apothecaries' Garden". He currently works as a chief specialist. His hobby is books.


Evgeniya Rybalchenko

Producer of Street-art Forum MOST

MBA of the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo”. She leads Russian and foreign projects in the fields of medicine and solar electricity. She also organizes events and advices Russian Olympic Committee on strategic development of mass sports in Russia.


Anna Latuhova

PR-manager of Street-art Forum MOST

Artist, manager, zen-buddhist.