Kendal Henry

USA, New York

Kendal Henry is an artist and curator who lives in New York City and specializes in the field of public art for the past twenty-two years. He illustrates that public art can be used as a tool for social engagement, civic pride and economic development through the projects and programs he’s initiated in the US, Europe, Russia, Asia, Central Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Kendal believes that the most successful public artworks start with the question, “What do you want the artwork to do”, and takes into account the audience and surrounding environment in the creation of that artwork. While all his public works are different they share a common thread. The artworks are always site-specific, created in collaboration with others (artists, community, designers, etc.) and presented in multiples.

He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts’ Public Art Summer Residency program and is a guest lecturer at various universities and educational institutions including the Abbey Mural Workshop at the National Academy Museum & School of Fine Arts; Rhode Island School of Design Senior Studio; and Pratt Institute’s Arts and Cultural Management Program. Kendal served as the Director of Culture and Economic Development for the City of Newburgh, NY where he created the region’s first Percent for Art Program. Prior to that post he was Manager of Arts Programs at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Arts for Transit for eleven years. During this time, he has overseen the commissioning, fabrication and installation of MTA’s permanent art projects, served as a member of the MTA’s in-house design team, and produced temporary exhibitions at Grand Central Terminal.

Previous to this experience he served as a Project Manager at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs’ Percent for Art Program. Kendal is also the Curator-at-large at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MoCADA) in Brooklyn, NY andwas elected to serve two 3-year terms on the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Council and Chaired the Communications Committee.


Luca Borriello

Italy, Naples

Luca Borriello is graduated cum laude in Cultural Anthropology and Contemporary Art History at the University of Naples "Suor Orsola Benincasa", is a PhD in Knowledge and Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage at ISUFI School of the University of Lecce. Currently, he works in the world of culture, social and creativity, as a manager, researcher, project manager and creative.

He is President of Arteteca Network. Director of EXPOSITO Young Artists Observatory Naples. Director of INWARD Observatory on Urban Creativity. Director of the Creative Department of AMESCI. Coordinator of valorisation and research at CUNTO Territorial Center for Urban Creativity - Vodafone Italy Foundation and Scientific Coordinator of INOPINATUM Center for Studies on Urban Creativity at Sapienza - University of Rome. ANCI national consultant for the enhancement of street art in Cities and Towns of Italy and Strategic adviser of The Tree of Life Foundation Onlus NGO. Active member of ICOMOS Italy - UNESCO.

He was General Relations Manager of Mentoring USA / Italy Onlus, Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation Valenzi, President of the Young European Federalists of Naples and President of ATS Mediaterraneum, Secretary of the National Board on Urban Creativity for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Youth at CNEL, Chairman of the Youth Committee and General Coordinator of the World Forum for Child Welfare 2012.


Sidney Ogidan

Austria, Vienna

Curator and Photographer since 2009 he is the Director of the BLK River Festival. Education: Advanced Graphic Academy-Vienna. Foreign Civilian Service, Simon Wiesehthal Center, Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles. Before Ogidan initiated the Street Fashionmagazine and was Co-Publisher from 1998 till 2002. From 2002 to 2008 he worked as the Creative Director for Vienna based Fashion Label Annahoj, during that time he received a Diploma in marketing. 2008 Groupshow Apocalyptic Colors at Senn Gallery, right after foundation of Institute of Urban Development and BLK River Street Art Film Festival happened. Various Projects in Public Space among others, Mobile Street Cinema/ Vienna. 2010 he curates Kunsthalle Vienna Filmprogram for the Street as Studio“ exhibition inline with 2 editions of the Concreteflower Magazine. In summer 2010 he curated a series of films for Les grandes Traversees Festival. Among 70 Projects in Public Space in Vienna Sydney Ogidan curated Soloshows with All City Crew, Brad Downey, Evan Roth, Christian Eisenberger and Mark Jenkins. 2011 he got nominated to curate world wide Streetart campaign for the city of Vienna. Currently he lives with his wife and 2 kids in Vienna.


Erken Kagarov

Russia, Moscow

A Designer and an experimenter. The creator and the publisher of “Album graphic design” in the 1990s, which was one of the few publications of that time that included works of Soviet graphic designers. He initiated the introduction of the ruble sign. The academician of the Academy of Graphic Design, ADCR and Moscow Artists Union. The founder of “Imadesign” company. He was the Head of Perm Center of design development for 1,5 year, and now he is the art director of Artemiy Lebedev Studio.


Konstantin Grouss

Russia, Moscow

A director and an artistic director of the International Cultural Project “Art-Residence”. The project was created in 2008 and was aimed to develop a modern art. The bulk of his work is the creation of art objects, performances, organization of space for the themed art events.


Igor Ponosov

Russia, Moscow

A famous artist and street art curator. He created Visuaartifacts.ru in 2004, and started to bring artists together, using this site. He published a series of books (named “Objects”), which covered the current situation in Russian and the CIS street art. He was the organizer of exhibition “Russian Street Art is Dead”. From 2010 to 2013 he supervised the project “Wall” at Centre for Contemporary Art “Winzavod” together with Kirill KTO, this project was the most representational and talked about Street art playground. The organizer of “Partizaning” movement and the editor of the eponymous site about the street art, the city and the human interactions.


Pavel Shugurov

Russia, Vladivostok

A Head of the department of urban design of the administration of the city of Vladivostok, the main artist of the city. Curator of the project “33+1”. The leader of the punk band “Masturbators AGAINST… Sex!”.


Arseny Sergeev

Russia, Yekaterinburg

A curator, an artist and the Head of Cultural Communications Agency “ArtPolitika”. He initiated and was in charge for 8 years of the program “the long stories of Yekaterinburg”, which was attended by dozens of artists from Russia and other countries. He organized the first arrivals of world famous artists (Jason Eppink, Evan Roth) in Russia and the creation of their works in Russia, holding workshops and lectures. He curated the most famous Russian public art object “The monument to keyboard” (Yekaterinburg, author Anatoly Vyatkin, 2005). He supervises video art festival in public space “Outvideo” 2005-2012.


Sergey Nikitin

Russia, Moscow

The founder and the organizer of the project “MosKultProg”, under which the historical and educational bus “Route of street art” was established. A historian, an urbanist, the Associate Professor of the Department of the cultural projects of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, the member of the Russian Geographical Society, the curator of exhibitions dedicated to architecture and history, the founder of the projects “Velonotte”, “Melnikov Bar” and others.


Sergey Ovseykin

Russia, Moscow

A street artist.The Head of the art group “ZukClub”. The member of the largest festivals and exhibitions in the fields of monumental art and street art. The organizer of the street art festival “Street art week” – Moscow, 2008.The organizer of the project “Art Market” – Moscow, 2010-2011. The creator of the series of theme parties “There is no time to explain” – Moscow, 2012.


Evgeniy Fateev

Russia, Yekaterinburg

The Head of the Guerrilla Marketing Agency “StreetArt”. The initiator and the creator of the international street art and graffiti festival “Stenograffia”, the largest of the suchlike festivals in Russia. The initiator and the creator (together with the Administration of Yekaterinburg) of the “Honest Advertising Festival in Yekaterinburg”. He participated in the activities of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) in Yekaterinburg. The complier of the “Guide to Yekaterinburg graffiti” book.


Dmitry Pilikin

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

An artist, a curator, an art critic. He works in Saint Petersburg State University (Faculty of Arts). One of the themes of his research is the place of art in urban space. The curator, the consultant and the leader of lectures of the public art festivals in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia).


Misha Most

Russia, Moscow

An artist and a graffiti writer. He started to paint in 1997, at the dawn of the Russian street art. He is a member of the first Moscow graffiti teams, as well as of the projects “NoFutureForever”, “Parazit”, “Zachem”. The organizer of major festivals, a curator of projects and exhibitions, dedicated to the various manifestations of street art. The permanent participant and the author of lectures and discussions on the issues and the development of graffiti. His personal works were presented on various exhibitions of contemporary art in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and other European countries. He was nominated for Kandinsky Prize in 2008. He also participated in Biennale of Contemporary Art and Biennale of Youth, 2011 and 2012. A practicing supporter of the illegal graffiti.


Slava Ptrk

Russia, Yekaterinburg

A street artist, 23 years old. A certified journalist, he doesn’t have an art education, he doesn’t even know how to draw. He has already worked on the streets of Yekaterinburg for 3 years; his main techniques are stencils and installations. These years he gives a lot of attention to the social issues, he tries to create more installations (he is especially interested in the interactive works). The curator of “Stencil” platform and “Stenograffia” festival. The participant of the following festivals: “White Nights” (Perm), “Pasta Factory” (Rostov-on-Don), “The Ecology of space” (Perm), the 10th Siberian Biennale of Contemporary Art (Krasnoyarsk). He has a Nordic character, he is single.


Pavel Chvilev

Russia, Moscow

The Head of «ARTMOL Cultural communication group», the curator of the seasons of ecological culture and the Public Art project “Arbutus”.


Leili Aslanova

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

A curator, an artist. In the summer of 2013 she was a co-curator the International Festival of Contemporary Art “Territory of joint Action” (Rostov-on-Don), which was attended by a lot street artists, and that’s why the Festival had spread beyond 2 central exhibition spaces – Gallery “16th line” and Art Center “MAKARONKA” – to the city. In the past, she was one of the curators of the educational project “LECTORIUM” (Rostov-on-Don) and of the first creative cluster in the south of Russia “CreativeSpace.PRO”.


Kostya Zmogk

Russia, Moscow

A graffiti artist since 1997.The managing partner and the creative director of “All0vеrgrаphiсs” agency.


Anna Nistratova

Russia, Moscow

An independent curator and researcher. In 2011-2013 she was a curator of cultural and social projects of Design Factory “Flacon”. Previously, she has worked for 12 years in magazines: Ogonek, Rolling Stone, Black Square, Agency. Photographer.ru. She specialized in photojournalism and documentary photography. She was a curator of the exhibition of the blind photographers “Inside View”, the host of exhibition “Soaking up the world of Sponge Bob”, the co-curator of the exhibition of 0331c street artist “Fence” together with Kirill KTO. Since 2012 she has begun to paint on the streets. Also she is engaged in the research of the Russian cultural landscape, the social rojects, the subcultures research, photography, music and journalism.


Vladislav Stefanskiy

Russia, Moscow

A graduate of the Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University.

He was the manager of the International Street Art Festival “The Best City of the Earth” as a part of his work on the position of the assistant of the Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow. He was the organizer, the curator and the ideologist of “SahArt” platform. Today he is responsible for the strategic development of the shopping and entertainment complex “ATRIUM”.


Valentin Dyakonov

Russia, Moscow

He graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities, he specialized in “History and theory of culture”. He defended his thesis about the official and unofficial art during the “Thaw” Period of Soviet Union. Since 1998, he writes about art in the specialized publications (“New World of Art”, “Art-Chronicle”, “Art-Guide”, and “Frieze”). Since 2009 – he is the correspondent of the culture department of the newspaper “Kommersant”. He gave a tour of the cradle of Russian Underground – Lianozovo (2006) – together with MosKultProg (Moscow cultural walks). In 2010, together with Kandower Stiftung (Stuttgart) organized the exhibition “Big Meetings” of the creative association “Prospect of Glory” in the gallery XL. In 2012, he opened “The biggest ready-made in the world” (aka Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts on Voevodina street) within the 2nd Industrial Biennale in Yekaterinburg. In the same year, he supervised the project “Philosophy of the common cause” - the art of the twentieth century in the Perm State Art Gallery. In 2013, together with Sergey Nikitin (“MosKultProg” bureau),he prepared the bus tour of Moscow street art “Route of street art”.


Vladimir Potapov

Russia, Volgograd

The winner of the Festival RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009 (the International Painting Competition) in the nominations "Realistic painting" and "Surreal Painting", in the “pro” category. The second place in the competition “A riot of colors” in 2013. The finalist of Danish International Competition “Portret now” them.Jacob Christian Jacobsen in 2013.The 1st place in the competition “The Monument to Moscow Tsars” in 2013.Since 2013, he has been a lecturer of “The self-promotion of artists and the specificity of the interactions with the institutions of contemporary art” inthe School “Free Workshops” of Moscow Museum of Modern Art.